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Try to Avoid Giving a Friend a Head Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, sometimes your friends would get head massage when they feel weak. Are you renowned for giving good head massages? Are you the friend who generously gives head massages? Have you also had a lifelong fear of dandruff, or would prefer to avoid coming into contact with it for whatever reason?

Never offer a massage without first thinking about the consequences.

Never appear too over excited about giving head massages, or you'll have a queue of people wishing to receive one.

Discreetly examine the scalp of the recipient before consenting to giving them a massage.

If you see that there is a substantial amount of dandruff present, try to think of an excuse to avoid giving a massage. Don't come up with a far-fetched excuse such as "I just remembered I forgot to go to confession."

Try saying something in the direction of: "Maybe another time. My joints are aching today".

If your excuses fail, or if you don't mind being forward or blunt, try to tell them in the nicest way possible.

Don't be too aggressive in the way you speak.

Be as friendly as possible and use a genuine smile.

Try to offer some advice on shampoos and anti-dandruff products if you're somewhat knowledgeable of those products.

Purchase a tool designed specifically for back and head massages so your hand never has to come in contact with the person's scalp.

If you can not face confronting your recipient or coming up with an excuse, tell them you have come up with a new method or are researching and testing the newest head massage procedures. Use objects to make contact with the scalp, or even say that a new head massage method is to not touch the head at all.

Propose to give them a different massage such as a hand or back massage.

Always wear gloves! Maybe the person has head lice but you're not paying attention. But if he/she does have head lice, it is recommended not to do it for hygienic reasons.

Act as if you are still willing to give a massage when the dandruff problem is solved.

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