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Try a Perineal Massage in Dubai

In Dubai,perineal massage involves gently kneading the perineum. This practice is most often undertaken during the final weeks of pregnancy in order to alleviate tears to the perineal during childbirth. Sometimes, regular perineal massage can eliminate the need for an episiotomy (making a small cut in the perineum to facilitate the baby’s head.)

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. You don’t want to introduce germs into the birth canal.Cut your fingernails short. The tissues in your vagina and perineal are delicate so cutting your nails short will prevent tearing of these tissues massage.

Prop yourself up in bed. Use pillows if necessary to support your back. Bend your knees and get into a relaxed state.Use a lubricant. You will need to lubricate your thumbs and the perineal tissues. The best lubricants are vitamin E oil or almond or olive oil.

Place your thumbs about 1” (3 cm) inside your vagina. Rest your fingers on your buttocks.

Press down (towards the anus) and to the sides of the vaginal wall. Hold your thumbs in this position until you begin to feel a slight burning or stretching sensation (usually this occurs in less than 2 minutes).

Slowly and gently massage the lower half of your vagina. Use a “U” shaped movement. Try to relax your muscles while you are performing the massage.

Continue to massage for 10 minutes. It may take up to several weeks of this daily massage before you notice that your perineal area has more elasticity.

Have a Partner Perform Perineal Massage

Choose a trusted partner. An ideal partner choice for this type of massage can be your spouse, simply due to the intimacy of the situation. You may also choose a medical professional. In any case, review together the benefits of perineal massage:

Massaging the perineum will help it become softer and more supple, which will lessen the likelihood of the perineal tearing during childbirth. Because this area stretches a lot during childbirth, it often tears. Sometimes the doctor or midwife will perform an episiotomy (make a small cut in the perineal tissue) to prevent jagged tearing, which is harder to stitch up.

Regular massage of the area will help you prepare for the sensations you will experience in the perineal area once the baby’s head begins to crown.

Perineal massage will also benefit the baby because it will lessen the tension and ease the tissues surrounding the baby’s head.

Get comfortable. Make sure you are in a relaxed posture. The massage is performed the same way except your partner should use the index fingers instead of the thumbs to do the massage. The same “U” shaped, side-to-side motion is used along with the downward pressure.

Be prepared for emotional reactions. Even if your trusted intimate partner is doing the massage, you may have feelings of awkwardness and modesty. This is perfectly natural. Try to keep in mind that a perineal massage has the same goal as any other type of massage: to release tension, and in the case of childbirth, to facilitate the passage of the baby’s head and alleviate discomfort for the mother.

Communicate with your partner. Let your partner know if you experience any discomfort. The massage should be gentle because the perineal tissue is delicate. However, gentle, regular massage of this area in the weeks leading up to childbirth will increase elasticity and alleviate some of the pressure when the baby’s head crowns. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of someone else performing the massage, you can do the massage yourself but most women find it somewhat difficult to do themselves during advanced pregnancy.

Remember that you are massaging the skin that will stretch as the baby is born. Be sure to pull gently outward and forward as you massage to simulate the way the skin will stretch as your baby’s head is crowning.

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