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Enjoy a Successful Dubai Massage Day on Yourself (2)

Now, you can tidy your eyebrows if you can by yourself. If you've never done this before, I would suggest going somewhere to get them done. Put some warm water around the uni-brow area, and all over your eyebrows. Pluck or wax where needed, if you can.

Make a scrub for your face. It takes baking soda, and drops of water, and it will become a creamy paste at one point. rub it on your face, but watch out for the eyes. you can open your eyes as long as you don't put it too close. After 10 minutes, wash it off with warm water.

Now, you can make a mask, or, if you have your own that you bought, then that's good too. If you're going to make a mask, try going onto Google and look for your skin type, Oily, dry, normal, combo, sensitive, or other. Other is probably combo. Make sure that when you're looking at the time that your going to keep this on when you look at the recipe or the tube. Whenever that is (probably 10-15 minutes later) wash it off or peel or however you do this.

Take a cotton ball, and put the liquid toner on it, and rub it on your face. When it dries off, put some moisturizer on. If its 5 AM to 5 PM, you put morning moisturizer on with SPF of at least 15. If it's 6 PM to 4 AM, then you can put night cream on.

If your hungry, eat a quick healthy snack (fruits!), and then you can start. Take an electronic or regular toothbrush (recommended electric toothbrush- Sonicare, which I have, and dentists say I have white teeth every time!) and use some whitening paste, even if you have very white teeth.

Floss! I think they have whitening floss. If you have braces, use a water floss.

Use whitening mouthwash. (Yes, a lot of whitening stuff.) If you want to keep your mouth occupied, there's Orbit White gum, which is whitening gum.

For a manicure: If you still have remaining old nail polish, remove it now, and wash hands. Dip your fingers in a bowl of olive oil for 2 minutes, and throw out. Wash your hands off, and wash the bowl out. Put some non-greasy, non-oily hand lotion (Bath & Body Works has a good line) and roll the color with your hands for about 30 seconds, then paint your nails the color that you like. Don't blow it out with a fan, since it actually removes shine and dulls color. When it naturally dries, put some shiny top coat on to keep your nail color on. If you have some nail color on your cuticles or skin, use a Q-tip and nail polish remover and remove it.

For a pedicure: Optional: Take a PedEgg, and exfoliate the heel of your foot. Dip your feet in some warm water for a couple minutes, and then dry with a towel. Roll the color of your choice in your hands, and paint. When it dries, put the top coat on. Use a Q-Tip and nail polish remover to remove any nail polish that's on your cuticles or skin.

You can spray the room with some air spray, and you can play some new age music that you can download from iTunes.

Listen to relaxing music, it will help you relax.

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