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Enjoy a Successful Dubai Massage Day on Yourself

Get your foot scrub/exfoliator, body cream/lotion, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, optional oils, towels, a timer, and anything else that you think you might need.Turn on the shower, and it should be warm, not too hot, but not too cold either with a Dubai Massage.

Shampoo your hair, and wash your body, but don't condition yet. Wash your body off, and put some conditioner into your hair, and put a shower cap on your head. You can wash your hands off. Set the timer for around 10-20 minutes or as long as you want to stay in the water, and step out of the shower.

Turn the water on warm, but don't make it hot or too cold! If you have any, try lavender or chamomile, and put 6-8 drops of the oil in. Remember, you're not in the bathtub yet. The oils are actually penetrating the skin. Now you can step in.Relax.

You can take your pillow, put it in a new trash bag (NOT USED.) and tie it many times so that way it doesn't get wet, and you can lay down. DON'T FALL ASLEEP. YOU WILL DROWN. I can't stress that enough. If your prone to sleeping, then I suggest that you don't get the pillow. You can read magazines while your relaxing, but they might get wet by a Massage in Dubai.

Once you think your finished, or the timer goes off, exfoliate your feet with the foot scrub then take off the bath cap that your hair still has conditioner in, then drain the bathwater. You can still turn the shower on, as long as the bathwater wasn't so high before that if you turn the shower water on, your bathroom will flood. Wash your hair out, and step out. Dry your hair and body with a towel, and then moisturize with the body cream at the most 10 minutes after you step out of the shower.

Pull your hair back. If you didn't wash your face in the shower, then wash it at the sink now. Pat dry with a towel.

Now, you can tidy your eyebrows if you can by yourself. If you've never done this before, I would suggest going somewhere to get them done. Put some warm water around the uni-brow area, and all over your eyebrows. Pluck or wax where needed, if you can.

Make a scrub for your face. It takes baking soda, and drops of water, and it will become a creamy paste at one point. rub it on your face, but watch out for the eyes. you can open your eyes as long as you don't put it too close. After 10 minutes, wash it off with warm water.

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