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The Benefits of Belly Essential Oil Massage

With the improvement of people's living standards in Dubai, more and more attention is paid to their own health. People will buy not only many health care products to maintain their bodies, but also do some excise and some massage. We recommend that women should always massage their belly, preferably with some essential oils, to achieve unexpected results at home. The benefits of using the essential oil to massage the belly are very much. The first is to promote bowel movements. If you want to know more, you can continue to read the following.

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Body Massage in Dubai

The benefits of regular massage of the belly

1, Promote bowel movements, eliminate constipation

At home, massage your belly can increase the blood flow of the abdominal muscles and intestinal smooth muscle. And also increase the muscle tension of the gastrointestinal wall and lymphatic system function, thereby enhancing the digestion and absorption of food, and obviously improving the peristaltic function of the large and small intestine, thereby promoting the function of defecation.

To prevent and eliminate constipation, especially for the elderly. Clockwise massage helps digestion: heat your hands, then gently massage the abdomen with a hot hand in a clockwise direction, which can promote blood circulation in the abdominal cavity and strengthen the gastrointestinal digestion function.

2,Good for weight loss

Because the home massage of the belly can stimulate the peripheral nerves, through the massage of different strengths of light weight, the abdominal wall capillaries can be smoothed, the fat consumption is promoted, and the satisfactory weight loss effect is received.

3, Help sleep

Massage the belly helps the body to maintain spiritual pleasure. Pressing the belly before going to bed helps to fall asleep and prevent insomnia. For patients with arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and cerebrovascular diseases, the belly can be extinguished by massage, so that the heart is calm and the blood is circulated, which plays an auxiliary therapeutic role.

4. Postoperative intestinal adhesions

After the wound is completely healed, the patient performs self-abdominal friction to prevent intestinal adhesion after surgery. Generally, you should get up every morning before getting up, at 10 am, at 3 pm, and every night before going to bed. Massage the belly can promote intestinal peristalsis, which is conducive to the absorption of exudate after local tissue.

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