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Relaxing back massage by Yourself

In daily life, we often ignore the body health, today I tell you the we have to pay more attention to the good life habit and eating habits, you can also try some massage in Dubai, and cupping methods for maintenance, for the health care keeping in good health back relaxation massage is a good way? Here we introduce it to everyone.

First, put your right hand in partner's lower back, the left hand on his back. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Focus on your hand, to relax.

Now, move your right hand to the left hip side, the other hand also stay at her back. Roots in gently started to shake, pushing her body to the outside.

Continued to shake, and bring your left hand to right hand side. Gently shake.

Continue to shake, put your left hand to gradually move along the whole back From left to right. Slowly stopped shaking.

Put the lid on partner towel folded down to her hips. To ensure that she feels comfortable.

Her hands on the back of partners on either side of the lower spine, from bottom up slowly to the bottom of the neck, then pushes to the shoulders, back on both sides along the back again

Upward to the waist, and to the lira. Dd repeat steps 6 and 7, until evenly put oil back and feel warm.

Starting from the lower back, with his hands in swimming movement on the back side of the overlapping circle. Up to the shoulder, then from either side. Repeat several times

Put his right hand on the bottom of the spine, finger toward the head. On the right hand left hand overlay, intensify efforts to push to the neck.

Remove the left hand, right hand index finger and middle finger pressure on both sides of the spine. Among both alternates, lower pressure.

Starting from the hips, palm, alternately along both sides of the curve of the body of the body. At the top, pull the finger shoulders to neck movement. Then return to the hip. Hands should closely akin, make hand contact with the body will not interrupt.

Through the above introduction to tell everyone back relaxation massage can be in accordance with the above method, so it can play a very good massage to relax the effect, it is good for health. In addition, if have some symptoms of illness on my body according to the symptoms of these diseases to adopt different ways of massage!

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