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Enjoy the best park in Dubai - Crazy Wadi Water park

Crazy Wadi Water park is located on Jumeirah Public Beach in front of the Burj Arab Hotel and is the most popular theme park in the Middle East. You can experience the most exciting "quick capsule" in the park, falling from a height of 32 meters at an hour speed of 80 meters. You can also experience surfing in the wave pool or have a leisurely drift.

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Scale facility

The theme of the adventure is the adventure of the Sinbad Warriors in the Arab story. It is integrated into the water facilities of the Arab landscape. There are 24 water games areas, 16 of which are connected and play completely without it. Leave the water. What's more intimate is that all the roads in the park will be sprinkled all the time.

So that people can walk freely in the park with bare feet. Once inside, you'll find Middle Eastern-style castles, gardens and boats, as well as videos of screaming waves, waterfalls and water cannons. More cartoon characters wearing traditional Arabic costumes shuttle between the tourists and make fun of the tourists.

Entrance surprise

Fossil Rock is located at the entrance to the Madison Park and features 60,000 liters of water on time to create a flash flood. It is immersive with pre-set storms, lightning and heavy rain. The stimulating Flood River surrounds the entire Riptide Flow Rider and features a Pulse Wave that can pump 100,000 liters of water at any time to create a torrent of water and up to two meters of waves on the riverbed.

The first thing to recommend is the Jumeirah Sceirah, one of the most powerful projects in the park. This is the highest and fastest weight-free taxiing facility in the world except North America. It will take you to a height of 32 meters and then fall three times at a speed of 80 meters per hour. I believe you will experience it. Unprecedented excitement and excitement.

This is definitely one of the most popular projects in the water park. The long team may be an hour in a row, although the whole journey is only 7 seconds from the beginning to the end, and the fall point is very high, the first time to play. Fear is also normal, and there are a lot of temporary retreats, but those who have played know that when it falls in the absence of gravity, it is really exciting, and may have arrived before the reaction.

Once on the top of the tower, the panoramic view of the park immediately came into view, and two glass boxes that were waiting for the guest's capsule shape were already ready. The person stands in the "capsule", his hands are crossed on the chest, and his feet are also cross-shaped to reduce the resistance and prevent scratches when falling. When the broadcast starts counting "1, 2, 3", the bottom of the glass box under the foot is immediately opened, and the person flies straight down at a speed of 80 meters per hour and slides to the bottom of the slide.

Other projects

In addition to the most thrilling speed capsules in the park, there are also some relatively gentle water projects that are suitable for the whole family. Although it is relatively mild, it has a certain test of guts. The White-Water Wadi and the Flood River Flyer can send visitors up to a height of 15 meters, a principle of anti-gravity. The four-seat Family Master Blaster hovered back and forth in the ring, flew to the pool area on the mountain, and experienced the thrill of crossing the waterfall, flying over the tunnel and the rapids. It was definitely a gravitational glide that would make this life unforgettable. Water roller coaster experience.

In addition, there are seven circular waterways in the water park, six of which are open waterways. Only the Tunnel of Doom is in the dark, and its speed and length are far beyond other facilities in the park. Visitors will gliding in the dark underground waterway, experiencing a sudden maneuver and finally arriving at the Lazy River.

Children's world

There is also a central pool and children's area in the park. Juha's Dhow and Lagoon is an interactive play area for kids. There are over 100 kinds of games, including five constantly shaking colored slides, and a huge water park Dumping Bucket of Water. A pair of fully enclosed competitive slides, also interesting water guns. They are located in the center of the park. There is a big bucket at the height of the children's area. When it is full of water, it will pour down. The unprotected bears and children are instantly poured into a soup chicken, which is fun.

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