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What would get from a Thai Massage ?

In Dubai, Thai massage is different from essential oil massage. Before the essential oil massage, our massage girls will recommend taking a bath, enclosing the towel, and taking off the bath towel during the massage. The masseuse will put a clean piece. The towel is placed on the your body. After the massage, you don't have to take a bath to let the essential oil gradually dissipate. The Thai massage only needs to be replaced with the comfortable clothes prepared by the full body massage service. You may be massaged by the masseur during the process. Take out all kinds of relax, try to challenge the limits of the human body!

Sunny is from Thai, she is good at Thai Full Body Massage.

Dubai Full Massage

Massage the foot

Thai massage emphasizes “centrality”, so it is generally first massaged from the foot, and massaged to the core of the body with a point pressure and a split wrist, gradually extending from the foot to the calf and thigh.

Massage the waist and back

Massage the waist and back can relieve muscle soreness, promote blood circulation, activate lymph, adjust mental system, balance hormone secretion, relieve body pressure, especially suitable for working, long-term sitting in front of the computer to cause back pain symptoms, should focus on massage section.

Massage arm, palm

"Mouse hand" is a phenomenon in which computer families often use keyboard typing, special in Dubai, non-stop moving mouse, wrist joints and fingers due to long-term frequent, repeated and excessive activities, resulting in paralysis, swelling, pain, and paralysis of the upper limbs muscles or joints. By massaging the arms and palms, you can enhance the flexibility of your wrists and relieve pain or numbness in your back, shoulders and arms.

Massage shoulder

The shoulder is an important part of the body that connects the head and supports the neck. Shoulder soreness is a common problem of modern white-collar workers. Working at an eight-hour desk every day, lack of exercise, it is inevitable that there will be a sore shoulder. The shoulder massage can be used to promote blood circulation, relax muscles, relax, loosen and dissolve. It relieves pain, promotes blood circulation in the upper limbs, improves blood supply to muscles and ligaments, enhances muscle vitality, and makes shoulder movements flexible.

Massage the neck

The neck is very important. The spinal cord in the cervical spinal canal is connected with the medulla oblongata of the human life center. Most of the nerves that control the whole body pass through here. It is the hub of brain and whole body information transmission. It is also the main part of the blood to the head, air and diet into the human body. path. The neck massage can improve the blood circulation of the neck, increase the strength of the neck muscles, maintain the elasticity of the ligament, and strengthen the stability of the cervical joints.

After massaging the head body massage, the masseur washes his hands and begins the last step of the Thai massage – massaging the head. The brain is the part of the human nerve center. Appropriate massage can clear the meridians, relieve brain pressure, improve brain and nerves, improve blood circulation in the brain, increase the amount of oxygen inhaled by the brain, and ensure the emotional stability of the individual. Personal memory, eliminate nervous emotions, and enhance brain function.

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